About Us

In 2011, a group of “ee” (electrical engineering) classmates from the University of Waterloo pondered the idea of setting up a venture to collaborate on creative ideas they find interesting.  The initiative sparked enthusiasm and spawned many interesting and creative ideas.  However, the group of friends had trouble squeezing time from their full-time work and daily errands to get serious with side projects.  Furthermore, they were geographically spread across the Globe in Canada, United States, and Hong Kong, so meeting up physically or virtually was rather difficult.  The venture did not come to fruition as a result.


Fast forward to 2015.  One of the initial founders rekindled the idea of experimenting with the web medium to pursue creative “deesign” ideas.  DeeSIGNERS Company Limited was hence re-established.

The full story of DeeSIGNERS is yet to unfold, and we hope that our second coming will bring forth wonderful “deesign” ideas and solutions for the betterment of human kind.

November 17th, 2015