Website for Tony Law

Seemingly an annual tradition, we recently helped revamp a personal website for Tony Law, one of our founders. In this update, our client opted for a minimalist design, so we removed many unnecessary elements from the original design and added the essential sketchbook and brush pen that the client carries around all the time.

The updated website now acts partly as an online extension to our client’s offline sketchbook!

Website for 723 Studio Limited (Launched!)

We have been working together with our partnering company 723 Studio Limited to design a website that will assist their honorable aspirations to bring to life functional, sustainable, and delightful objects. We’re happy to announce that their website is now completed and launched! It’s a first step in their long term endeavor, more will be coming for the exciting venture later!

723 Studio Limited


Website for Tony Law

We recently helped revamp a personal website for Tony Law, one of our founders. Modifications to the site’s layout was minor because the client was quite satisfied with his original design, but we did manage to clean up and declutter the design according to the client’s request.

In terms of functionality, besides debugging some of the long time annoyances that the client had grown to work around over the years, we linked the client’s personal Twitter and Instagram account for more instantaneous status updates.

Website for 723 Studio Limited

723studio723 Studio Limited is one of our partnering companies. The studio is aspired to design and bring to life sustainable and “printable” products, hence challenging the unsustainable practice of traditional mass production.

We’re currently working with 723 Studio to deesign a website that will meet their honorable aspirations. Please stay tuned to see 723 Studio’s new website!


screenshotAfter a couple of years of inactivity, we decided to make a come back and kick-start this venture again! We hope that DeeSIGNERS’ second coming can bring forth more good works and help deesign a better online community, one website at a time.

We look forward to the many challenges and opportunities ahead!